I was homeschooled 0-12!
My height is 5'10"
I'm an herbivore! I only eat plants
My childhood hero is Jackie Chan.
I've rewatched The Office 10+ times.
My dream shoot location is Iceland.
Usher almost ran me over one time.
My hobbies are writing, wine, & dogs.
Due to it being the greatest game of all time, I still replay Banjo-Kazooie!

my name is river.

hey there


enjoy these random facts about me

I currently reside in downtown Atlanta with my spouse Will and our dogs Waffles & Rosco. Free time is spent enjoying the city with our amazing friends, watching thought-provoking films (or brainless reality TV), exploring nature, doing what we can for others, and finding new ways to make each other laugh.

Can't wait to hear your story!

Artistic by nature, I've always been drawn to compelling stories and beautiful visuals. I spent a lot of childhood daydreaming of adventures I now get to live — but believe it or not, my career in photography was unplanned and accidental. I'm definitely not complaining though! My camera has allowed me to travel the continental US and even nationally, into profound and irreplaceable moments in very special people's lives. I absolutely love what I do and am grateful every day for the gifts this path has given me.

part artist, part dreamer, definite goofball

who else remembers pen pals?

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